Post Intravaganza

There's quite a few songs post intravaganza. I mean. That was a year ago. Unfortunately nearly all of these are unrecorded and I can't really sit down and give a critical appraisal of each. I will, however, offer the names of as many of the new songs I can get and the lyrics to Vanity Restaurant direct from Peter Psaltis, or whoever is currently impersonating him. Some of the new songs were written during the ill fated Paul Elix period.


Semi brand spankin' new:

Susan Brown (previously the great international)

The Forbidden Dance

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

Brand spankin' new:

The Sin of Ommission

Lost to History

Remembering Love For Mrs Mitchell

You Can Negotiate Anything (instrumental)

Vanity Restaurant, the lyrics to which are:


Vanity Restaurant

It was like a small reunion, over gin and lime
And we toasted to their union, Glasgow, one weeks time
When she'll marry a drummer, so he can emigrate
And we'll shout them a dinner, at our vanity restaraunt

A place where you can choose the music, and the food is always good
Our company is better, the potential was huge
But our lawyers were dodgy, their advice was crap
The accountants were hopeless, and that was the end ... of that.

Interests rates rose again...
The stock market crashed again...

And now the liquidator's taken over
The debt collector has cleaned out the kitchen
Lucky you and I, we hid our cellar
We'll drink it all, in one sitting.

[rest of lyrics to be written]


And now the lyrics to Remembering the lovely Mrs Mitchell


Remebering the Lovely Mrs Mitchell

So he crashed the party/looking for his buddy/he found her in the backyard/staring at the sky/her drugs were too strong/ his weren't working/they would fight about it until next week

How was the party/I heard on the grapevine it was so fine and everybody had a great time/Yeah yeah/Feeling so innocent when I smell your scent and I remember your scent/Ba ba di ba ba...

So he missed the party/said he had to study/took it to the beach house/with a cask of wine/he sat in an armchair/writing letters/and he did not stop drinking till his head was spinning

Back to the party/I heard on the grapevine etc/Feeling so lonely when he sits around and he listens to Joni? Ba ba di ba ba etc.

Tis all. Back.