Complimentary Flat Stanley Quiz Welcome to the unoffical Flat Stanley quiz. Twenty questions or so which will either prove you're a true Flat Stanley devotee or send you capering into that mad rash world of the internet. Twenty questions. I can't really inforce any of these rules but if you're in a competitive mood its probably best you don't press the back button everytime you get something wrong. It ruins everything and tears great big holes in time and space through which you get sucked and die a slow painful death. Not good at all. This is my first attempt at creating a quiz of this nature. I think I might do something more complicated later if this one works. Something with less of a sudden death nature and more of a test to find you a placing in the Flat Stanley Knowledge rankings. Yes. The point of this could be seen as a test of your Flat Stanley knowledge, or to inspire you to learn more. Especially in the later areas these questions might be a little difficult but then that's the point. I might do another version which has slightly more realistic aims later on, depending of the success of this version. If you think up any questions email me at Anyhoo. Ready for the first question? Which of the following two pictures is of Flat Stanley?:

(in case the picture isn't working) Flat Stanley

Leon Trotsky